Animals Today – May 22, 2011. Protecting Tortoises with Susan Tellem, American Tortoise Rescue; Helping birds with David Threan

This week we are joined by Susan Tellem from American Tortoise Rescue. We discuss World Turtle day, explore whether turtles should be pets, the consumption of turtles (yuck), and other turtle and tortoise topics. Susan and her husband maintain a sanctuary in Malibu, CA. Take a look at their activies at

Susan Tellem and husband Marshall Thompson

Then, Dave Threan, Wildlife Rehabilitator, from All Wildlife Rescue and Education, inc., tells us what to do if we encounter a juvenile bird on the ground. When should you “help” a bird? Dave has dedicated his life to animal rescue and rehabilitation and also to educating kids about being compassionate towards animals. He knows his stuff. Visit Dave’s page at

Dave Thraen

And, animal news with Peter. He mentions the Freeland Foundation, great video on their website.







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