Animals Today – October 28, 2012. Dr. Richard Oppenlander discusses Global Depletion and his book, Comfortably Unaware

On this show, Lori was joined by author, lecturer, consultant and entrepreneur, Dr. Richard Oppenlander. Richard persuasively argued that our diets are directly responsible for harming the earth. Richard’s book, Comfortably Unaware: Global depletion and food responsibility…what you choose to eat is killing our planet, outlines the unsustainability of our meat and dairy -intensive diets, and promotes veganism as the most effective and urgent solution.

If you care about the environment, you are going to want to listen to this interview. Moreover, if you consider yourself an environmentalist and still consume meat, fish or dairy, you also need to hear this information. You’ll probably reconsider your dietary choices.

Information about the book is here.

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