Animals Today – November 11, 2012 Marc Bekoff and Paul Koretz

On this show, Lori first was joined by Marc Bekoff to update us on a disturbing situation at Green Mountain College in Vermont. There, two oxen who have been working on the campus farm were slated to be slaughtered and turned into oxenburgers. Nice thanks for your efforts, right? Marc offered his usual thoughtful analysis.

Then, Los Angeles Councilman Paul Koretz came on to discuss the new ordinance banning the sale of purpose bred dogs, cats and rabbits from pets stores in the city. Paul discussed the origins of the law, how he crafted and promoted it, and the likely consequences of its enactment. This is not his first achievement for animals, and Lori and Paul talked about some of his other work in the state.

And, some hot animal news items with Peter.

Vist Marc Bekoff’s site here and read two of his essays on the topic, here and here.

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