Animals Today – April 21, 2013 Los Angeles Canine Custody Program; Rhino horn poaching

Lori welcomed three guests on this show. The topic for the first two segments was a great new program being conducted at the Los Angeles County Jail called the Custody Canine program. Sergeant Ray Harley, from the LA County sheriff’s department, and Rick Belmonte, of Belmonte’s Dog Training and Equipment described how dogs from shelters are trained by the inmates and prepared for adoption. The benefits to the men and the dogs are substantial.

The third segment featured Craig Sholley from African Wildlife Foundation. An epidemic of poaching of rhinos for horns and elephants for ivory is occurring in Africa. Sholley explained the scope and causes of the problem, and described a new public awareness campaign underway in China (the main consumer of the illegal rhino horn and ivory). Former NBA star Yao Ming is the very involved spokesperson of the campaign. Visit African Wildlife Foundation here. And read more about Yao here.

The show concluded with animal news items presented by Peter.


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