About Animals Today


Animals Today tackles the important issues concerning all animals, how they are treated by people, and their place in society. The show promotes greater respect for and kindness toward all living creatures, from wild animals to pets to livestock animals.

Animals Today began in 2009 on Knews, serving the Coachella Valley of Southern California. It was a 2 hour show, with a fair amount of pet talk, call-ins and commentary. We then moved over to KPSI, also in Palm Springs, tightened our presentation to one hour per week and adopted animal rights/animal welfare as our primary focus.

When presented with the opportunity to join Business Talk Radio Network, we gladly moved the show there to increase our exposure. We are now on the air in about 30 markets around the country, and of course the show is streamed online every Sunday. All shows are archived, for anyone to access, anytime.

The current format includes interviews, commentary by the host, and a news segment with the producer, Dr. Peter Spiegel. We interview authors, activists and advocates, filmmakers, celebrities, politicians and government figures, rescuers, rehabilitators, vegans, educators, lawyers, trainers, naturalists, journalists, ecologists, philosophers – anyone who has something newsworthy to share about the welfare of animals.

Why do we do it? Producing Animals Today is one of the things we do to improve the lives of animals. Our job is to help people who care about animals explain and promote their causes. We sincerely hope you like the show.