Animals Today September 7, 2014. Solar power plants are killing birds. The use of live animals for training purposes in medical residencies is waning.

This show featured two excellent guests. First on was Michael Hutchins, PhD., with American Bird Conservancy, who described the hazards birds face due to large solar plants. Recent reporting has included photos of birds literally burned and killed in flight. Michael explained the scope of the problem and what might be done to protect the birds […]

FDR and fala

Animals Today August 28, 2011 Pet Pigs and Presidents’ Dogs This week’s show began with a mini-rant about the missed opportunity by the Obamas to adopt a dog from a shelter. What an impact that could have had! Instead, Bo came from a breeder via the Kennedys. We are on that topic because the second guest in the hour was Presidential Dog expert, Kate […]