12/23/12 Dr Lawrence Hansen - Problems with Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees
12/16/12 Dr. Richard Oppenlander - Yes, we are ruining the oceans.
12/09/12 Frank Hoffman from - A religious perspctive on animal rights for the holidays. News.
12/02/12 Craig Sholley - African Wildlife Foundation. Keeping pets safe during the holidays.
11/11/12 Marc Bekoff discusses condemned oxen Bill and Lou at Green Mountain College. LA Councilman Paul Koretz on banning the sale of bred dogs, cats and rabbits in LA.
11/04/12 Ken Foster: I'm a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America"s Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet. Presidential pet quiz. Breed specific legislation news.
10/28/12 Dr. Richard Oppenlander. Comfortably Unaware - Global depletion and food responsibilty...what you choose to eat is killing our planet.
10/14/12 Advancing the Interests of Animals.
10/07/12 Michele Diselets, Orangutan Land Trust.
09/30/12 Steve Hindi, SHARK: Canned pigeon shoots and the NRA. International Society for Animals Rights: Stop (animal) Devocalization Now.
09/23/12 Jennifer Conrad - The Paw Project. Nils Peterson and Christopher Lepczyk - Cat colony management conflicts.
09/16/12 Monica Murphy, DVM, author of RABID - A cultural history of the world's most diabolical virus. The Great Zoonoses Quiz.
09/09/12 Nicole Green, Director Animalearn. Alternatives to using animals in education.
09/02/12 Dr. Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns. Ending chickens as Kaporos. Fires in animal housing facilities. Dr. Dick Green, ASPCA. Helping animals after Hurricane Isaac.
08/12/12 Joyce Tischler, ALDF: History of Animal Law.
08/05/12 David Casselman - Los Angeles Zoo elephant exhibit lawsuit
07/29/12 Professor Richard Schwartz - Reviving and transforming an ancient jewish holiday to benefit animals and the environment.
07/22/12 Erica Meier, Executive Director, Compassion Over Killing. Matt Ellerbeck discusses salamanders.
07/15/12 Joyce Tischler, Animal Legal Defense Fund. Advocating for the rights of animals.
07/08/12 Professor Gary Francione. Topics in animal rights.
06/17/12 Debi Boies, Pilots N Paws. Patric Regan, Dog is my Copilot. Michael Mountain, update on OSHA SeaWorld proceedings.
06/10/12 Dr. Ray Greek - Drug development without animal models and other topics in animal experimentation.
05/27/12 Dr. Elliot Katz and Brandon Yanak - Guardian, not Owner. Dr. Lori Marino criticizes the Georgia Aquarium, following a baby beluga's death.
05/20/12 Hardy Jones explains Peruvian dolphin strandings. Marina Dervan promotes An Act of Dog
05/13/12 Dr. Marty Becker- Your Cat: An Owner’s Manual, and Pet Product Reviews
05/06/12 California State Senator Ted Lieu - Ending hunting of bears and bobcats with packs of hounds. Jacqueline Mercier Berman - Pet groomer legislation in California.
04/22/12 Joe Miele, President of Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting. Marc Bekoff; experimentation on chimpanzees.
04/15/12 Michael Budkie from Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) - opposing vivisection.
04/08/12 Dr. Richard Schwartz and Frank Hoffman; Judaism, Christianity, animal welfare and vegetarianism.
04/01/12 Christine Dorchak, Grey2K USA - Greyhound advocacy and adoption; US Representative Tom Marino - Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibtion Act.
03/25/12 NY State Assemblyperson, Amy Paulin and Jane Hoffman - The Shelter Access Bill; Laura Allen, Animal Law Coalition
03/18/12 Kim Sturla, Animal Place; Dr. John Pippin, Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act
03/11/12 Chris Butler-Stroud, Chief Executive, Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. Carlos Mendoza, Cockfighting in Southern California.
03/04/12 Tim Ajax, Born Free USA Animal Sanctuary
02/26/12 Marla Taucher - Protecting California's shelter animals and the Hayden Law. Jo Claire Corcoran - Taking Action on the American Horse Slaughter Act.
02/12/12 Dr. James Serpell - Health problems in purebred dogs. Attorney Dan Kinburn - PCRM lawsuit concerning carcinogens in grilled chicken.
02/05/12 Susan Wagner, Equine Advocates. Bob Ferber, helping horses and humane animal education.
01/29/12 Taimie Bryant, UCLA Law Professor; Protecting the California Hayen Law. NY Assembly Ken Zebrowski; Banning animal devocalization.
01/22/12 Tim Harrison, The Elephant in the Living Room. Bob Ferber, Humane education in Los Angeles.
01/15/12 Jennifer Wallis, Animal Population Control Legislation. Allie Phillips, Defending the Defenseless.
01/08/12 Senator Andy Dinniman and Joe Dwyer - Humane euthanasia legislation. Gary Mansir - Camp Bow Wow dog adoptions.