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ken foster

Animals Today – November 4, 2012 Ken Foster discusses I’m a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (And Misunderstood) Pet

On this show, Lori was joined by author Ken Foster, who discussed the Pit Bull in our society.  In I’m a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (And Misunderstood) Pet, Ken reviews the history of the breed, explores how where pit bulls have been part of our culture and dispels common misperceptions about them. The [...]

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Animals Today – October 28, 2012. Dr. Richard Oppenlander discusses Global Depletion and his book, Comfortably Unaware

On this show, Lori was joined by author, lecturer, consultant and entrepreneur, Dr. Richard Oppenlander. Richard persuasively argued that our diets are directly responsible for harming the earth. Richard’s book, Comfortably Unaware: Global depletion and food responsibility…what you choose to eat is killing our planet, outlines the unsustainability of our meat and dairy -intensive diets, [...]

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AIA image

Animals Today October 21, 2012 – Advancing the Interests of Animals

On this show, Lori and Peter discussed the animmal welfare group, Advancing the Interests of Animals. AIA is the main sponsor of Animals Today, and its stated mission is “to improve the lives of animals and to encourage increased compassion and respect for all living creatures. We act directly with focused campaigns to help animals, and [...]

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Animals Today – Oct 7, 2012: Michele Diselets, Orangutan Land Trust

On this show, Lori welcomed the Executive Director of the Orangutan Land Trust, Michele Diselets. Orangutans are under serious threat due to habitat destruction from logging and palm oil production, as well as the pet trade. Listen in to learn about these great apes, Michele’s oustanding work with Orangutan Land Trust, and how you can [...]

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killed pigeons

Animals Today – September 30, 2012. Steve Hindi and Susan Dapsis

On this show, Lori first welcomed Steve Hindi from SHARK. In Pennsylvania, canned pigeon shoots still are being conducted, despite being illegal. Steve has been fighting these amazingly cruel shoots and has discovered unsavory characters and government official corruption. His challenge to debate the NRA on canned pigeon ahoots has gone unanswered. Visit Steve’s websites [...]

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conrad 1

Animals Today – September 23, 2012 Jennifer Conrad – The Paw Project. Feral cat colony conflict.

This show featured Jennifer Conrad from the Paw Project who discussed the soon to be released documentery of the same name. The film is a moving and inspiring account of the cruelty of feline declawing and the efforts to ban it. Please visit her website here and make sure to see the film when it [...]

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Murphy and Wasik

Animals Today – September 16, 2012. Monica Murphy discusses her new book, RABID

On this show, Veterinarian Monica Murphy came on to discuss her new book, RABID – A Cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus. Co-authored with her husband and Wired Editor Bill Wasik, Lori and Monica discussed what rabies is , how it was tamed and which animals and people still can get it. The [...]

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Nicole Green

Animals Today September 9, 2012. Nicole Green, Animalearn

On this show, Nicole Green, Director of Education at Animalearn, joined Lori to discuss the use of animals in education. Each year, millions of killed animal preparations are used in science and biology classrooms around the country. The animals include cats, rabbits, frogs, fetal pigs and others. There are better alternatives! Here is Animalearn’s mission from [...]

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Dr. Karen Davis

Animals Today September 2, 2012: Dr. Karen Davis and Dr. Dick Green

On this show, Dr. Karen Davis, Founder and President of United Poultry Concerns joined Lori to discuss two of their campaigns. The Yom Kippur ritual, Kaparos, practiced by some orthodox Jews, involves spinning live chickens around one’s head prior to killing it. Karen discussed the End Chickens as Kaparos Campaign. Lori and Karen then talked [...]

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Joyce Tischler

Joyce Tischler, Animal Legal Defense Fund – The History of Animal Rights Law

On this show, Joyce Tischler returned to recount the fascinating legal history of animal rights. Joyce is co-founder of Animal Legal Defense Fund, where she served as Executive Director for 25 years and now serves as the agency’s general counsel. It is remarkable how much progress in animal rights has been made in the past [...]

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