Animals Today September 9, 2013 Jan Creamer and Dr. Neal Barnard. Flying with cats and debating about service and assistance animals.

Two great guests appeared on this show, both internationally renowned leaders. First Jan Creamer, President and CEO, Animal Defenders International, discussed ADI’s new film, Lion Ark. ADI’s network of representatives and operatives in South America have succeeded in obtaining exotic animal circus bans in multiple countries, an incredible victory. The recently released documentary depicts not […]


Animals Today – Show of August 7 2011

This week’s show featured three wonderful guests. First, Reannon Branchesi appeared to tell us about Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals. Anyone can join in, and she will tell us how. Here is the link to information about the walks. We think everyone should visit a farmed animal sanctuary at least once! Then, Dr. Rebecca Johnson […]