Animals Today – September 23, 2012 Jennifer Conrad – The Paw Project. Feral cat colony conflict.

This show featured Jennifer Conrad from the Paw Project who discussed the soon to be released documentery of the same name. The film is a moving and inspiring account of the cruelty of feline declawing and the efforts to ban it. Please visit her website here and make sure to see the film when it comes out. And do not have your cats declawed. It is very painful to the felines, and takes away their primary defense, leading to a host of new problems.

Then researchers Nils Peterson and Christopher Lepczyk came on to discuss their recently published article titled Opinions From the Front Lines of Cat Colony Management Conflict. As you might guess, opinions differ between the feral cat advocates and the bird conservation professionals as to how badly the cats harm the birds, but is there any common ground?

Pictured below is Jennifer Conrad and a friend.

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