Animals Today – January 13, 2013. Dr. John Pippin and Eric Sakach

Happy New Year to all our wonderful animal advocates and animals lovers!

On this show, Lori welcomed two fabulous guests.

First, Dr. John Pippin discussed the great news of the vanishing use of chimpanzees in medical research. He described where the retired chimps are going and the struggles to secure safe and peaceful places of retirement for them. John also discussed the use of live animals in military medical training, and the efforts to use technology to replace them. John is Director of Academic Affairs, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a cardiologist, and a great advocate for animals.

Second, Eric Sakach joined Lori and provided an update on animal fighting in the US. Eric is Senior Law Enforcement Specialist, Animal Rescue Team, Humane Society of the United States. Dog fighting and cockfighting continue to be widely practiced despite stronger laws and greater enforcement efforts. Eric is in the field, going after the bad guys and in court, testifying at their trials.

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